'Hammer Home' is a black comedy feature film about a novice estate agent, who attempts to sell a cosy cottage during an open house viewing, despite the dead body she discovered in the master bedroom that morning. Having been developed from concept to script stage by Raspberry Films, Hammer Home is set to enter principal production for 3 weeks starting in late September 2021, with a release planned for 2022. Hammer Home will be the most funny, clever, and engaging 90 minutes ever spent at an open house viewing, as Cassie Pechman does everything she can to sell the cottage, and get away with (someone else’s) murder.


The story of a young man named Ben, who befriends a much older woman after he is fired from his job at the supermarket. When the older woman dies and leaves Ben everything she owns, he finds himself a rich homeowner, and soon goes on the prowl to find another older woman to fill the void in his life. 


“Ducks” is a surreal comedy drama set in an alternate universe where the entire world is bound by law to dress like a duck at all times. When the discontented Billy meets the peppy rebel Saskia, their budding romance gives way to a revolution against uniformity in bright yellow. As Billy, Saskia and their ‘ugly ducklings’ continue to escalate their futile battle against the system, their quest for free clothing choice will ultimately cost them their freedom. 

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An adaptation of the Belinda Jones novel "Cafe Tropicana". Latte-lover Ava Langston knows exactly what she wants: her very own café in a vintage arcade in Bath and a life free of complicated relationships. But her plans go awry when her long-distance dad phones insisting she hop on the next plane to Costa Rica to meet his brand new wife.

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Co-Production with Broken Flames Productions

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Co-Production with

Thomas Griffiths