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See below a selection of our previous and upcoming releases.

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Three different but connected families deal with the ups and downs of family life as they try to push through the gruelling year of 2020. A documentary crew have followed the three households through the ups and downs of the year.

Starring Harriet Thorpe, Kellie Shirley, Lawrence Prestidge, Kayleigh-Paige Rees, Curtis Walker and Jess Impiazzi. 

Coming to Amazon Prime this September.

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Casey tries her best, but navigating her twenties is hard work. Generally, not the most graceful individual, it's safe to say she ungracefully bundles her way through life's hurdles rather than jumping them and has a real knack for making everything more complicated than it ought to be.

Available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and US



A novice estate agent attempts to sell a cosy cottage during an open house viewing, despite the dead body she discovered in the master bedroom that morning.

Starring Kayleigh-Paige Rees, Jess Impiazzi, Ian Reddington, John Altman and Ewen Macintosh


KATE & JAKE (2021)

After being separated for three months, Kate calls up Jake to ask if they can meet. She has some news that is exciting, yet devastating. The meeting prompts the pair to reminisce, exploring what happened to their relationship.

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A neurotic young woman named Ann enlists the help of her unhinged cousin Denny (along with his totally ineffectual religious cult) to help her track down her ex-boyfriend Frank, who disappeared without a trace a year prior, and who Denny believes is convinced that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and US

Skinny World (2019)

A 30 minute short film raising anorexia awareness, based on a true story written by Agata Zema. Produced by and starring Kayleigh-Paige Rees, and directed by George Perry. 

Little Bins (2019)

In a world where the council have replaced all the wheelie bins in the country with smaller versions that are only a foot tall, Little Bins follows the only person in the country who is annoyed by the

change, and centres on his frustration as he fails to adapt to the miniature bin.


Toasted (2017)

In the midst of a juvenile identity crisis, a young boy has his toaster stolen from his university room. Determined to find the appliance, and fuelled by his unswerving obsession, he searches high and low with no restraint. But, when he discovers the true fate of his toaster, his trivial pursuit plunges him into new depths of mystery.

Available now on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and US

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